• CA Inter (Group-2) ADV. ACCOUNTS Google Drive Classes by CA Sumit Tyagi Sir For June 20 & Onwards - Full HD Video Lecture + HQ Sound

CA Inter (Group-2) ADV. ACCOUNTS Google Drive Classes by CA Sumit Tyagi Sir For June 20 & Onwards - Full HD Video Lecture + HQ Sound

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Must go through each point carefully before purchase
1.   CA Inter ADV ACCOUNTS Google Drive Classes (For June-20 & Onward Attempt) will be Dispatch Within 24 hours after confirming the documents. 

2.  We are under impression that this class is being purchased by students for personal use only and we are providing this Adv. Accounts Google Drive Classes/product for the same purpose. Reproducing lectures or e-books or any material provided in any format, attempt to breach the security, attempt to copy the lecture or share with any party/unauthorized party(authorization will be decided on the basis approval from way to pinnacle institute private limited), copying and delivering lectures etc will attract strict legal proceedings under Indian laws to it’s full extent.

3.   100% coverage as per ICAI syllabus and material, fully updated as per new course, high quality, Full HD lectures which will run on  Laptop only.
4. Fees are non-refundable. 
5. Time or views extension won’t be done.
6. Lectures/product will be valid for 6 months from day of activation with 1.5 views. All amendments will be provided free of cost.
7. CA Inter (Group-2) ADV. ACCOUNTS Google Drive Classes can’t be displayed using projector or any external display.
8. Package includes E-Books of CA Inter (Group-2) ADV. ACCOUNTS, and lectures of approximately 120 hours.
9. The student needs to provide a photo id proof, ICAI registration letter, A self-declaration video(sample is available on website), through e-mail or whats-app to mentioned e-mail id and whats-app number only.(For email id and whats-app number, Photo ids and link to sample self-declaration videos link see below). 
10. Documentation is essential pre-requisite for dispatch of package. No exception will be made in this context.
11. For system requirement click the system requirement tab at the time of enrollment, also go through product description and features or see below for link.
12. To use the product first time student needs to have internet connection for activation, we also get your system details (at hardware level) and students are advised to use this product for personal use only.
14. Links;
Links for sample self-declaration video: 
Contact information;
  E-mail: waytopinnacle1@gmail.com
  Product info: Mr. Laxman : 7827128109
  Technical query: Mr. Nitesh:  9818695100
  WhatsApp: 9818695100

These result-oriented CA Inter (Group-1) ACCOUNTS are designed by CA Sumit Tyagi Sir. His Explanation of topics helps students to retain heavy concepts.

System requirement

1) Minimum system requirements:
a. Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 or above, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10. (NOT Compatible With Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Basic, Windows 7 N Edition, Windows 7 KN Edition.)
b. Ram: 2 GB free memory
c. Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz and above.

2) Before starting software activation:
Make sure your system is virus free. If in doubt scan with a good anti-virus or format system before proceeding.
Ensure All audio, video and system drivers are installed. If in doubt consult your computer dealer.
3) Goto the Pen drive/DVD/HDD folder.
4) Goto the ‘HowToPlayVideos’ folder. Only Videos in this folder can be played with Windows Media Player/VLC. Rest of the Videos on the pen drive/DVD/HDD CAN ONLY be watched through ContentBrowser software.
5) In ‘HowToPlayVideos’ folder, Watch video Video_1_HowToStartVideoSoftware.mp4 or read document HowToStartVideoSoftware.pdf.
6) After watching video Video_1_HowToStartVideoSoftware.mp4, goto DVD/Pen Drive/HDD folder and double click on ContentBrowser. Follow instructions as seen in video to activate the software.
7) If any errors show up during activation/using software watch the other videos (or read the other documents) in the ‘HowToPlayVideos’ folder.
8) You do not need to contact us to activate the videos/software. You can activate on your own using your personal 9 Character Serial Number: xxxxxxx . Note that one serial number can be used on One PC Only.
9) While playing videos IF you get an error message like: “Incorrect version of Codec pack installed or corrupt Codec… “, then please un-install DVD playing software from your computer like Cyberlink DVD Player, Lenevo DVD Player, Power DVD Player, any DVD burning software like Nero, Ashampoo etc.
10) If while playing videos you experience video freezing after seeking, playback speed changes taking a long time, audio/video mismatch etc. then uninstall any DVD playing/DVD burning software from your system like Nero, Nero Essentials, Ashampoo etc.
* In the off chance that you are facing difficulty in starting the videos on your own, you can email us at: xxxxxxx or call: yyyyyyy
* If after activation, your system needs to be formatted for any reason, please contact us below BEFORE formatting your system, to help ensure playback of the videos after formatting.

Must NOT DO:

DO NOT copy files from one Pen drive/HDD folder to another pen drive/HDD folder. Even if the file names might be the same THEY ARE NOT THE SAME FILES.
DO NOT RENAME FILES on the Pen drive/HDD folder. Doing so will make the videos Unplayable.

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