Enterprise Business Process

In simple words we can say, 

"Business refers to interaction between two parties where one is seller and another is buyer, and both are mutually benefited."

Note: every business needs to work towards maximizing value delivery to customers and creating competitive advantage.


Business process: 

  • A Business Process is an activity or set of activities that takes input to produce output and accomplish a specific organizational goal.
  • Business processes are designed as per vision and mission of top management and design is directed towards creating competitive advantage.
  • Design of business process directly impacts the company's success or failure.

Business process management: 

  • Business Process Management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving business processes.    
  • BPM helps achieving 3E's of business process; those are Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy.   
  • BPM is basically set of tools, methods, techniques and procedures used to improve a business process in terms of cost, speed, quality and service. 

Categories of Business Processes

  • The key guiding factor for any business process shall be top management vision and mission and Strategic plan.
  • Vision and mission shall be achieved by implementing operational, support and management services referred as categories of business process.
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