By Sumit Parashar Sir

Eagle Eye Batches

Batch Subject Starting Date Days Timing Ending Date Venue Apply Term
Batch 1 First EIS then SM 18 Nov 2018 Mon to Fri 5:45 TO 8:00 pm 22 JAN 2019 Laxmi Nagar
Batch 2 First SM then EIS 18 Nov 2018 M/W/F/S 7:00 TO 10:00 am 27 FEB 2019 Laxmi Nagar
Batch 3 First SM then EIS 30 Dec 2018 Mon to Fri 5:45 TO 8:00 pm 26 FEB 2019 Laxmi Nagar
IT-SM IT-SM 20 Feb 2019 Daily 7:00 TO 10:00 am 31 MAR 2019 Laxmi Nagar

may join batch 1 and 2 for early completion

EIS: Paper-7

A-Section: Enterprise Information Systems: EIS

  • Chapter 1: Automated Business Processes
  • Chapter 2: Financial and Accounting Systems
  • Chapter 3: Information Systems and its Components
  • Chapter 4: E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Emerging Technologies
  • Chapter 5: Core Banking Systems

B-Section : Strategic Management: SM

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Chapter 2: Dynamics of Competitive Strategy
  • Chapter 3: Strategic Management Process
  • Chapter 4: Corporate Level Strategies
  • Chapter 5: Business Level Strategies
  • Chapter 6: Functional Level Strategies
  • Chapter 7: Organization and Strategic Leadership
  • Chapter 8: Strategy Implementation and Control

CA Intermediate EIS SM Face To Face Classes

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