By Sumit Parashar Sir

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Enterprise Information system and strategic management

Chartered accountancy is considered as one of the toughest exam in India due to it’s very less passing percentage. CA exams are conducted in 3 levels, and a candidate becomes a qualified chartered accountant after clearing all these levels namely CA Foundation, CA Inter, and CA Final. Among three levels the Intermediate level is vital as only after this level or clearing one group of this level a student may start articleship which is mandatory for all.

CA Intermediate has two groups namely Group 1 (CA Inter Grp 1) & Group 2 (CA Inter Grp 2). Each group consists of 4 papers, so on inter level there are altogether 8 papers. EIS-SM is placed under CA Inter group 2. In CA Inter Grp 2 there are 4 papers, those are:

Paper 5: Advance accounting

Paper 6: Audit & Assurance

Paper 7: EIS-SM (Enterprise information system & Strategic management)

Paper 8: FM-EFF

Out of above mentioned 4 papers, the EIS-SM is considered most important paper from examination point of view. It’s a technical paper and demands vast knowledge of technology and strategic management to crack this exam. EIS-SM determines the success or failure to a great extent in CA Inter or in CA Inter group 2 specifically. It is seen that majority of students who try to have some shortcut or rely on some entertaining way of studies usually gets experience and not result. Only way to tackle such paper is to have in depth understanding of both Enterprise information system and strategic management. Having balance of content and concept is critical to get success in EIS-SM.

Knowing strategy of dealing tough papers like EIS-SM should start with discarding all myths, as these myths are spread by few out of vested interests, lets see some common myths;

1.       EIS-SM is a boring paper and not possible to understand.

2.       It is not scoring paper.

3.       RTP & MTP are enough to crack exam.

4.       ICAI Study mat need to be memorized.

5.       RATO---RATO---RATO

There are a lot of such opinions you must have heard of. In fact the EIS-SM IS;

Ø  Highly scoring paper.

Ø  Quite interesting paper provided you don’t fall in trap of such people who keeps underlining books and keep translating English to Hindi what they call teaching.

Ø  RTP, MTP etc., only covers 15-20% of paper.

Ø  You don’t need to memorize ICAI Study mat line by line. Trust me ICAI doesn’t want to have such CAs J  (RATTA MASTERS) but they wants to create world class professionals. They are more interested in your level of knowledge and your presentation and not only in your ability to memorize things.


There are lot of aspects what we can discuss here, but having time constraint I am putting my pen to rest here. In next writing I will be talking about CA Inter EIS-SM in details chapter-wise.


CA Inter EIS SM Classes | Paper-7

A-Section: Enterprise Information Systems: EIS

  • Chapter 1: Automated Business Processes
  • Chapter 2: Financial and Accounting Systems
  • Chapter 3: Information Systems and its Components
  • Chapter 4: E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Emerging Technologies
  • Chapter 5: Core Banking Systems

B-Section: Strategic Management: SM

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Chapter 2: Dynamics of Competitive Strategy
  • Chapter 3: Strategic Management Process
  • Chapter 4: Corporate Level Strategies
  • Chapter 5: Business Level Strategies
  • Chapter 6: Functional Level Strategies
  • Chapter 7: Organization and Strategic Leadership
  • Chapter 8: Strategy Implementation and Control

EIS SM Classes

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